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Energy IV Treatments Now Available At Simply Flawless 

Now you can boost your energy levels when you try a Hello Energy IV at Simply Flawless. 

Hello Energy IV Treatments By LOEA Wellness

Everything You Need To Know About Your Hello Energy IV Treatments

Imagine walking into the Simply Flawless Hair Salon & Spa and being able to rapidly boost your body’s energy levels with an 100% all natural IV treatment. 

Well, now you can! The Hello Energy IV is a customized formula consisting of essential energy boosting vitamins and nutrients designed by Dr. Brandi Holmes to rapidly boost your energy levels. 

What Is The Hello Energy IV Treatment?

Hello Energy IV is a safe and effective, all natural way to boost your energy. These nutrients are in their most bioavailable form which means they are ready for your body to readily absorb! 


Eliminate Chronic Fatigue And Tiredness


Boost Your Body's Metabolism And Burn More Unhealthy Fat


Boost Your Energy While Getting Your Spa services done.

Top 3 Energy Boosting Ingredients

MIC+ L-Carnitine

MIC is a combination of methionine, inositol, and choline which are naturally produced in our body to help increase fat mobilization from the fat stores and metabolism. With the addition of L-carnitine, this trio increases energy by transporting fat to our mitochondria to produce energy.  


Taurine plays an essential role in energy production, metabolism, cardiovascular health, digestive health, brain health and so much more! Taurine is another nutrient that helps increase fat breakdown, so it could be used to make energy. 


B12, also known as cobalamin is one of the B-vitamins necessary for the metabolism of fat, decreasing inflammation, preventing cellular damage and more. It’s most common form are  hydroxocobalamin, cyanocobalamin, and methylcobalamin, which is the most bioavailable form of B-12.  

Here’s What You Get When You Pre-Order Your Hello Energy IV Now

One Hello Energy IV

Hello Energy IV’s will be available on a first come first serve basis, and will sell out quickly! Be sure to save your bag and pre-order now. 

Free 15 Minute Consultation With Dr. Brandi

Imagine discussing your top health concern with Dr. Brandi. You’ll receive 1 free 15 minute health and wellness consultation. 

Free Hello Energy Starter Kit

The Hello Energy starter kit is free collection of samples, recipes, and ingredients designed to help show you how to boost and sustain your energy levels in 100% all natural ways. 

Why Chooose LOEA Wellness

Hello and welcome to LOEA Wellness. My names Dr. Brandi and I’ve dedicated my life to helping women discover how to heal using all natural and holistic treatments. As your naturopathic doctor, what this really means is that I help women take a holistic view, or snap shot of their health, and devise long term healing plans to improve their health.


Naturopathic Doctor With Over 9 Years Of Medical Education.


Creator of LOEA Wellness and Doctor Specializing In Healing Women With All Natural Treatments.


Two Locations Now Open In San Diego and Los Angeles, Online Services Available.

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